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Everything's Rosie: Twigs, Camera, Action

TWIGS, CAMERA, ACTION Will sets out to make a film of ‘Life in the Garden’ but when the camera goes missing, a frantic search ensues to find it in time for Rosie’s Movie Night. WHEN THE BOAT COMES IN It’s been raining hard in the garden and Raggles can’t get outside to try out his new boat. When Mr and Mrs Mordy are separated by a small flood, it’s Holly to the rescue and Raggles gets to sail his boat after all. TWINKLE TWINKLE Holly has never seen a shooting star so Rosie organises a sleepover under Oakley to see if they can spot any. Holly, meanwhile, sets out to collect all the ‘stars’ that have fallen to earth and asks her friends to help her launch them back into the sky.

35 Minutes

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