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The Cold Blue

The Cold Blue is a tribute to the men who fought and risked their lives to help achieve victory 75 years ago. Extraordinary never-before-seen colour footage shot by one of the greatest directors, William Wyler, takes us 30,000 feet over Nazi Germany, battling killer flak, enemy fighters and the biting cold. All the odds were stacked against returning home alive; men died to bring this harrowing footage into cinemas today. Wyler went to Europe in 1943 to document the air war in progress and flew actual combat missions with B-17s. Incredibly, all of the raw colour footage he shot for The Memphis Belle was recently discovered in the vaults of the National Archives, and a new film has been constructed out of the material. The Cold Blue will play alongside an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. It includes an evocative look at the Second World War from a range of unique perspectives; how the UK viewed the support of the Allied troops; poignant and difficult moments brought to life via incredible colour footage; and interviews with veterans of the Eighth Air Force, director Erik Nelson and Wyler’s daughter Catherine.

Erik Nelson
105 Minutes

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