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Best Before Death + Bill Drummond live performance

Bill Drummond is on tour... for the rest of his life. In 1992, Bill Drummond's enormously successful pop group The KLF ceased activities. Since 2014 he's been on a World Tour. In December 2016 he based himself in Kolkata, while in the Spring of 2018 he was in Lexington, North Carolina. Future destinations include Papua New Guinea & Damascus, Syria. In each place he carries out his his self-imposed 'work' – building beds, baking cakes, making soup, shining shoes – to the variously amused, perplexed or annoyed reactions of those around him. He's worked out his life expectancy at 74, and the World Tour will end when he's 73. He's not rich and he's deliberately designed his actions so they can't be monetised. He's mostly been ignored by the art world. So what is he doing it all for? Best Before Death is about life, death, art, money, music and cake. And some knitting. The screening will be accompanied by a play, White Saviour Complex, written by Drummond & performed by Drummond & Scottish actor Tam Dean Burn (playing Drummond). The first act goes on before the film and the third act goes on after the film (the film is the second act). Distributed by Anti Worlds.

Bill Drummond
Paul Duane
120 Minutes

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