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Anime Film Festival 2019: Penguin Highway

An off-kilter sci-fi coming of age story from the creator of Night is Short, Walk on Girl. Aoyama is a serious 10 year-old boy who records all of his day-to-day experiences in his notebook. One day in May, penguins inexplicably appear in his home town, despite being located a long way from the sea. When Aoyama sees “Big Sis” – a young woman who works at a dentist’s office – drop a soft drink can which inexplicably turns into a penguin, he decides to investigate and resolve the mystery behind these strange events. Together with his classmates, Aoyama happens upon a strange phenomena which is surely the key to these goings-on. Will their investigation bear fruit, and just how is “Big Sis” linked to these occurrences? This film will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles. No advertisements or trailers will play ahead of this screening, though there will be a short introduction.

Hiroyasu Ishida
118 Minutes

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